The sauntering creek beside you glistened by the sharp rays of the sun as a soft trickling echo made your sore weathered eyes flutter shut. Your muscles and bones cried for mercy from the perils of your desolate journey. Letting out a exhausted gasp, you collapsed to the hot sand without a struggle to arise. Your desperate attempt to survive the harsh climate you had been surrounded by took the last muster of mother natures gifts out of your poor mortal frame. Feeling the rays of the horrendous heat produced by the sun above scorched you to your bodies limit. Letting out a heavy gasp trying to retrieve dry air you heard echoing whispers in your ear thinking this was your transition to the afterlife until a forceful prod punctured your side. It made you heave a sickly cough as your bony structure began to shiver."I guess it's not diseased after all." Stated a feline towering over you. It scrutinized at you with narrowed eerie opticals that had a mischievous glint residing inside awaiting for action. Cascading shadows began to be observable to you making your adrenaline activate. Your body slowly revived, survival was vital for your continuing existence. You were frightened of what the next action these strange cats beastly would make. Feeling your muscles and organs regain a robust condition for the moment you breifly arose in the time of a lightning bolt flash amoungst the sky. The lean and long framed felines spead after you over coming your current attempt of escaping. A scarred black tom slammed into you making your weak self flail across the scorching sand. The second feline, a brown shecat, embedded her abnormal long claws into your shoulders peircing your sore muscles. The scathing pain made you screech for mercy as she continued to create a deep laceration.

"That's enough." ordered a black striped tom with a sludge colored coat. His unatural white opticals peirced your confidence, your emotional status contained. His intimidating obervation of the scene made your spine shiver for a heart-beat until you noticed you felt a relief of pressure off your body. As the tom advanced the shecat and jet black hued tom stepped aside with there tails swishing behind them in a eager maner.

"Who are you?"

Founded 7/16/16
Founders Brookebbb & Epicmickeythefirst
Status inactive
Recruiting Yes
Member Count 48
Orientation Neutral; Leaning more towards the Dark
Species Only Domestic Felines
Roleplay Style Traditional with light vocab
Tag Color Red
Badge Phantom


Should we be called TwistedClan or RuinClan?

The poll was created at 01:00 on August 12, 2016, and so far 10 people voted.
Warrior Code

Be sure to always followe the Warrior Code. If you do not remember the code or you need to refresh your mind on it, then you can find it by clicking the following link:

Power Playing

Power playing is strictly forbidden in TwistedClan. If you do not know what this means, it's having the free will to be able to do anything by saying "nn" which abbreviates for "no nothing", or "nm" which abbreviates for "no miss". You will have three warnings if your caught power playing, after the third warning you will be immediantly exiled.

Double Grouping

Double Grouping is either being in another clan, tribe or pack while you are in TwistedClan. If you are found in another group and you are in TwistedClan, we will not tolerate it whatsoever. You will be immediantly exiled if caught, and if you see someone that's in TwistedClan that's Double Grouping, please screenshot it and tell someone in the TwistedClan TH. No matter if you are playing as a different OC, you will be immediantly exiled.

Being Serious

Though we like to have fun, it's best if you stay serious. If the Leader and/or Deputy is messing around, feel free to join. But once the Leader and/or Deputy puts the silliness to an end, then that's when you must begin to act serious. You will get three warnings if your acting silly when we are doing serious roleplay, after the third warning you will get exiled. You are more than welcomed to return after getting exiled, but you will have to promise to put the silliness to an end when doing serious roleplay.


This is a big rule in TwistedClan. If you are disrespecting someone in the clan, there will be a punishment. This goes for everyone in the clan, from kits to elders.

Be Active

Please try to be as active as you can in the clan. If there is an issue why you can't be on Animal Jam, please contact one of the TH in TwistedClan about it and we will get it settled. If you are not in the clan for at least one month, you will be exiled. If you are exiled, you are more than welcomed to rejoin the clan with a promise of being more active.


Cursing/Cussing is forbidden on the wikia. If we see you full out cuss, we will show it to an administrator which can cause you to get banned from the wikia. While we are roleplaying, please do not try cussing by saying words like "beach" or "fudge". Try to use Warriors slang like "Mousebrain!" or "Foxdung!"


If you do not know what 'OC' means, it's the abbreviation for 'Original Character'. You may have one and only one OC, and that's that.


Anatomy and Latin are strongly forbidden from TwistedClan. If you are caught using it, you will be given three warnings. After the third warning, you will be exiled. Feel free to rejoin, but you will have to make a promise to not use this language again.


If you encounter a tresspasser on TwistedClan territory, be sure to give them a warning to not return. Make sure to tell someone in the TH about the tresspasser. If they are spotted again, then you have permission to attack, but not kill.

If there is another group that is trying to attack you, completly ignore them. Feel free to block them. Anyone who is outside the four-clan world system is supposed to be ignored. So pretend like they are just thin air. Make sure you inform someone in the TH about the group that tried attacking you.


Once you leave once, you may return. But after you leave the third time, then you may not return. But if you have been exiled, then you may not return. We are not an airport, you can't go in this airplane and take off.


The names Twisted, Twist, Silverpelt, Smoke, Weed and Moon are strongly forbidden from TwistedClan. Star as a prefix is also forbidden, and the suffix star is for leader's only. Everyone's prefix should be different and unique in their own way.

We only allow clan names, rogue names are forbidden.

Below you will seek the amazing felines that make up TwistedClan! They are more than friends, they are family that work together to accomplish their achievements. You may not add youself unless one of the page editors allows you.
The Leader is the superior of TwistedClan and first in command. They make all of the important decisions for their clan and always have the final say in everything. If the Leader is disrespected in any sort of way, there will be a punishment.


Name Username Mate Gender Breed Lives Recruitment Points
Cloudedstar Epicmickeythefirst Ivyfrost Male British Shorthair X Maine Coon 9/9 1
The Deputy is second in command and assist the Leader in making important decisions. The Deputy organizes patrols, otherwise known as hunting and border patrols. When the Leaders dies or retires, the deputy will step up and take their place.


Name Username Mate Gender Breed Recruitment Points
Tornwhisper Brookebbb None Male British Shorthair X Maine Coon 0
The Co Deputy is third in command to the clan. They are just a step below the Deputy, but they share most of the same responsibilities. The current Co Deputy will step up to the rank of the Deputy when the Deputy dies, retires, or steps up to Leader. That is when the Leader chooses a new Co Deputy.


Name Username Mate Gender Breed Recruitment Points
Astralcry Bigzoocatty Skeletonfur Male Maine Coon X Russian Blue 0
The Medicine Cats are the healers of the clan, they keep the clan alive and healthy. They are also the closest to StarClan, which causes them to be the most spiritual cat in the Clan. Usually they receive message and/or prophecies from StarClan, then report it to the Leader. They are supposed to be given high amounts of respect, if that rule is broken there will be a punishment.


Name Username Gender Breed Recruitment Points
Applescent Genese101 Male Somali X Turkish Van 0
The Medicine Cat Apprentices are future Medicine Cats in training. Medicine Cat Apprentices will step up to the rank of the Medicine Cat once one of the Medicine Cats have died or retired.


Name Username Gender Breed Recruitment Points
Dimpaw Fireheart41055 Female Maine Coon X Ragdoll 0
The Elite Warriors are a step up from an average Warrior. They are the most loyal and responsible felines in the Clan. The Elite Warriors must be given high amounts of respect because of their loyalty to earn this rank.


Name Username Mate Gender Breed Recruitment Points
Brokenriot Meerkatlover55555 None Female Egyptian Mau X Nebelung 0
Nightfrost Anitabonita Timberfall Female Pure American Shorthair Tuxedo 0
Sandflight xxgreysmudgexx None Female Flame Point Siamese X Ragdoll 0
Skeletonfur Xxloststarxx Astralcry Female Ocicat X Siamese X Turkish Angora 0
Undecided Undecided Undecided Undecided Undecided Undecided
The Warriors are the gladiators of the Clan. They are the ones that help keep the Clan running by going on border patrols and hunting patrol. They should be treated equally like any other feline in the clan.


Name Username Mate Gender Breed Recruitment Points
Amberfang Aj13736 None Female Asian X Bombay 0
Birdsong Lazybonesk None Female Balinese X Bombay 0
Blossomheart Sherbertlemon1 None Female American Shorthair X Maine Coon 0
Breezefeather Rougesforlife77 None Female Bombay X Brazilian Shorthair 0
Duskflower Cheetahgirlscool None Female Birman X Bombay 0
Dustcloud Superbowl6 None Female Havana Brown X Siamese 0
Finchwing Perrytheplatapus90 None Female Persian X Siamese 0
Flarewhisker Kittepop88 None Female European Shorthair X Somali 0
Frostedstripe Suggest None Female Himalayan X Siamese 0
Ghostfur Sophiathewerewolf None Female Maine Coon X Siamese 0
Glacierbreeze Kawaiiket None Female Himalayan X American Shorthair 0
Goldenrose Blackspotty None Female Maine Coon X Serval 0
Graystream Warriorcats4thewin None Male Norwegian Forest X Siberean 0
Hollowscream Hushhuskyz None Female Egyptian Mau X Maine Coon 0
Oakstripe Jammer7b7lm None Male Korat X Norwegian Forest 0
Omenfall Balatrf None Female American Bobtail X American Curl 0
Petalpool Toutonghi8313 None Female LaPerm X Ragdoll 0
Shatteredstorm Goddessluna1 None Female Maine Coon X Turkish Van 0
Silverstorm Yukicutiesir None Female Savannah X Toyger 0
Spottedsun Amandagirl0207 None Female Chinchilla X Persian 0
Swiftshadow Mightypower45 None Female Norwegian Forest X Siberean 0
Timberfall Xxbumble Nightfrost Male Abyssinian X Somali 1
Whiterose artziekittyx3 None Female TBD 0
Wolfcurse Freegalaxywolfx None Male Somali X Thai Lilac 2
Woodfoot Xxgrandmasterpandaxx Stormcloud Male Maine Coon X Norwegian Forest 0
The Queens are the mothers to the Clan, who should be shown equal amounts of respect. They nurture the future of the Clan and will stay with them in the Nursery until they reach Apprenticeship. Once the Queens finish nurturing their kits, they will go back to being a normal Warrior with normal Warrior duties.


Name Username Mate Gender Breed Recruitment Points
Ivyfrost Nyantale Cloudedstar Female Maine Coon X Nebelung X Persian X Turkish Angora 0
Stormcloud Idonthaveipod111 Woodfoot Female Ragdoll X Manx 0
The Permanent Queens have the same responsibilities as a normal Queen. They still nurture their kits, but instead of returning to a Warrior, they will stay as a Queen. Permanent Queens will nurture all kits whom don't have any parents, so they will most likely be their adoptive mother. Once the Permanent Queen finishes her duties with nurturing the future of the Clan, she will retire to the Elders Den.


Name Username Mate Gender Breed Recruitment Points
Mistedvalley Melonhead26 None Female British Shorthair X Siamese 0
The Apprentices are future Warriors in training. They will be educated and tested by either a Warrior or a member in the TH. The TH consists of ranks higher than Elite Warriors. Apprentices should still be treated equally with the amount of respect, just like any other feline.


Name Username Mentor Gender Breed Recruitment Points
Badgerpaw Ally313 Brokenriot Male American Bobtail X American Curl X Balinese X Bombay 0
Crystalpaw MythicalFox Stormcloud Female Colorpoint Shorthair X Javanese 0
Sweetpaw Kameo09 Hollowscream Female Maine Coon X Siamese 0
Tansypaw Minty59 Frostedstripe Female Maine Coon X Somali 0
The Kits are the future of the Clan, currently the youth. The will be nurtured by either the Queens or Permanent Queens until they reach the age of 6 moons. Once the Kits have reached that certain age, they will move up a step to become an Apprentice and get assigned a mentor.


Name Username Mother Gender Breed Recruitment Points
Ebonykit Victoria99116 Ivyfrost Female British Shorthair X Maine Coon X Nebelung X Persian X Turkish Van 0
Littlekit Rosaamor Stormcloud Male Manx X Maine Coon X Norwegian Forest X Ragdoll 0
Minnowkit Raindropthecat Ivyfrost Female British Shorthair X Maine Coon X Nebelung X Persian X Turkish Van 0
Mintkit Alexandra8313 Mistedvalley Female Balinese X Bombay X Marble Bengal X Persian 0
Mountainkit Stormy5892 Stormcloud Female Manx X Maine Coon X Norwegian Forest X Ragdoll 0
Ruinkit Zilveringz Ivyfrost Male British Shorthair X Maine Coon X Nebelung X Persian X Turkish Van 0
Screamkit Maya81551 Stormcloud Male Bombay X Himalayan X Nebelung 0
Smallkit Wolvesaresweeet Ivyfrost Male British Shorthair X Maine Coon X Nebelung X Persian X Turkish Van 0
The Elders are the wisest felines in the Clan, whom are also the retired felines of the Clan. They are usually retired due to reaching their older days or having permanent injuries. They are the ones that share stories about the history of the Clan, and require high amounts of respect.


Name Username Mate Gender Breed Recruitment Points
None None None None None None
Here you will seek the different coalitions TwistedClan has with other clans.
Currently, TwistedClan is in a four-clan system with three other clans, though we are seeking for a fourth clan to join the system. The other clans that consist in the system include of SageClan, WisteriaClan and ____Clan. Being a part of this system allows the four clans to interact in many different ways, like Gatherings which will be held, border patrols, and much more. Our lands are divided by individual territories drawn by borders.
Clans Name Leaders Name Leaders User Camp Den Orientation
SageClan Warstar Silencedrose Silencedrose Neutral
WisteriaClan Larkstar Seophiey Seophiey Neutral
Clans Name Leaders Name Leaders User Camp Den Orientation
None None None None None
Clans Name Leaders Name Leaders User Camp Den Orientation
None None None None None
Here is where you can fill out a joining application into TwistedClan's comments. We will get to your form as soon as we get the time and definetly reply to it.

Animal Jam Username


Character Name

Everyone's prefix should be different and unique in their own way, it causes to much confusion to have two TwistedClan members to have the same prefix. If you do have the same prefix as someone else in the clan, you will be asked to change it before you join.


The physical description of your character. An IRL picture or reference sheet would be very helpful.

Personality & Behavior

How your character acts or conducts themselves in a specified way, especially toward others. Also, the qualities of your distinctive character.




It's recommend that your character is a crossbreed. If you wish to be a purebred, you'll have to have an accurate reasoning.

Desired Rank

We are currently not accepting any Kits nor Apprentices. It's recommended you join as a Warrior.

Free Chat or Restricted Chat?


Past Groups

This goes for all or your past clans, packs, tribes, ect.

How You Found Us

AJCW, friend, encountered us, ect.

Why You Want To Join



These are other ways that we can contact you. If you have an OC page, please include it in here.

Roleplay Example

Make this long and creative. It's recommend that you make your example a battle example, if your applying to be a Medicine Cat then its recommended your example is healing an injured or wounded feline.

We also only allow lettered borders around our roleplay, for example: VV, XX, UU, ZZZ, ect.

Extra Information

Anything else we should know about your or your OC.

This section is basically multiple segments where you could add stuff on your own without having to continuously ask one of the page editors for TwistedClan. These following segments will consist of your official OC page and other ways for people to contact you. Keep in mind this is the ONLY section on TwistedClan's page where you can add stuff on your free will.
OC: Cloudedstar

OC: Astralcry

OC: Wolfcurse

OC: Duskflower

OC: Frostedstripe

OC: Skeletonfur

OC: Stormcloud

OC: Mountaincrash

OC: Brokenriot

OC: Breezefeather
Cloudedstar - XxEpicMickeyxX

DeviantArt - MickeyFirst

Instagram - Epicmickeythefirst

Quizlet - SmollMickey

Roblox - MaddieToughBunny

Wattpad - SmollMickey

Astralcry - FallenAstralX

Roblox - LionGonnaRoar

Wolfcurse - Serenitysoulmate

Wattpad - xxchecked

Youtube - NintendogsCøral ♥︎ or Visiønaire ★

Roblox - xxcheckered

Minecraft - xcheckercraft

Stormcloud - No wiki

Roblox - Storm_Cloud123

Skeletonfur - XxPinkPantherXx

Feralheart - XxloststarXx

Roblox - XxloststarXx

Smallkit - XxCanyonFallxX

Roblox - Moonshade125

Youtube - Wolvesaresweeet AJ

DeviantArt - Wolvesaresweeet

Breezefeather - Roguesforlife77

Roblox - Warriorslover77
Here you will seek TwistedClan's current events that are either happening during our roleplay, or any of our members in general. The Daily News section will always be replaced of new news. If there is something important that is needed to be known in either section of the Daily News, you have the free will of adding it.
8/10/16 !!Attention all of TwistedClan!!

I and Cloudedstar have discussed this idea and decided it would be postive for the clan. This is an optional compition to participate in but we'd like you to contribute. The summary of this compition is to recruit as many felines as possible that meet our standards we list below. By the end of the due date, one will have the most recruited members and win a prize. You can contribute to the prize which will add a point to your overall score. Each recruit that has contributed will be given one point or even two points depending upon there skill level. More details will be listed below for you and your recruits. But be warned, if three of your contributes are declined you will be disqualified. So make sure you get skilled roleplayers that meet our standards. We need a strong clan. We want to continue for a long period of time. Do you want TwistedClan's legend to live on? You can help it thrive with competing!

!!Standards for Recruiting and future recruits!!

1.) You can contribute where ever you wish, as long as you contribute worthy recruits for the clan.

2.) Before the contribute is presented/confronted, they must post an application on our page.

3.) All contributes must be able access the wikia unless they have a valid excuse.

4.) All contributes when being presented must be abiding to our dresscode (Which will soon be added).

5.) All contributes must have clan experience.

6.) All contributes must know the rules.

7.) They must be a detailed roleplayer with a lettered roleplay border.

!!Standards and procedures recruiters are advised to follow!

1.) By the third denied contribute you will be exiled from the compition.

2.) If you do not behave yourself during this period, points will be taken. If you have very bad behavior, then you will get exiled from the competition.

3.) Sore losers will be untolerated and punished if needed.

4.) When recruiting try to follow these steps, they may help:

-Go to Aldan forest.

-Look and see if any roleplayers abide the dress code, if so approch them.

-Ask them if they are in need of a domestic feline and netrual orientated roleplay group.

-If they reply yes guide them to our wiki.

-Once they are there, tell them the questions an average application would contain for them to answer. Or else copy a application from another clan possibly.

-Make sure they add your name, the one who who told them about the Clan.

5.) Please do not falsly add points to your name unless the Hierarchy permits it.

6.) Lastly, contact us or notify us when you contribute just to double check! We need help keeping track of the data.

!!Final note!!

Now, every two days I, Clouded, or Astral will post the results and data ect of the competition. You will also see a Recruitment Point section beside your name under Allegiances. Your points will be added beside your breed, there will be a "point" slot where we enter your current points. Good luck and have fun! The due date will be the 26 of August (Still being decided). The compition starts now. Before you go off recruiting, do not recruit while clan is online. You can recruit in your free time or if the top hierarchy excuses you from the clan. Lastly, The prize will remain secretive until the end. Contributions to the prize will be kept secretive until the day we announce the winner. Your very welcomed to contribute something to the prize. Remember, it adds a point to your score!

Thanks, and once again good luck!

8/11/16 !!Attention all of TwistedClan!!

Many of you have been wondering when the elites would be chosen. We tested many Warriors today, and many in the past. We have chosen four worthy warriors for this superior rank based off of their roleplay knowledge and personality. But, there is still only one last spot open for this rank. Astralcry and I talked over who should get the part and we knew that Tornwhisper would strongly agree with our decision, and here are the four lucky people:

Brokenriot - Meerkatlover55555

Nightfrost - Anitabonita

Sandflight - XxgreysmudgexX

Skeletonfur - XxloststarxX

Remember, one more spot is still open. The tests are still going on and you can still redo your test, so try your best!


Note: This Was Copied And Pasted Off Of The TwistedClan Wiki In AJ Clans Wiki.