All I Had Scented Was The Damp, Ghostly Mist.

I Had Lifted My Head, Letting My 6 Toed White Paw Infront Of My Other Black Paws. Letting My Damp And Dull, Forest Green Gaze Rest Onto The Familiar Graveyard, I Let A Suitable Smile Edge My Face. My Slightly Torn Ears Had Flicked, Then I Turned, Glaring Furthur Into The Vast, Sauntering, Ghostly Terrain. The Ominous Stones Stretched Wide Among The Graveyard I Had Settled In For Most Of My Life. The Grass Was All Black To Me, And The Blue Sky Was Grey. I Wasn't Alarmed By The Approaching Scent Of The Familiar Twoleg.

Looking Up At The Preist, I Let A Suitable Purr Escape My Throat, As The Twoleg Leaned Down And Put A Bowl Of Fresh, Cold Water Infront Of Me. I Purred Again, Then Watched As The Preist Left. I Leant Down To Feel My Tounge Lapping At The Cold Water, As I Let A Smirk Of Satisfaction Edge My Face. Descending Myself Onto The Black, Ghostly Grass, I Stared Up At The Grey Sky.

A Sound Erupted That Rattled The Ground, Yet I Wasn't Alarmed. I Knew It Was Some Traveling Twolegs That Came To Visit Sematary. I Let Out A Purr As They Stepped Out Of The Twoleg Monster, As I Greeted Them With Gentle Paws And Purrs. I Knew If I Was A Lazy Cat, The Preist Would Do Something Ungrateful To Me, A Something That No Cat Wanted To Happen To Them. The Twolegs Bent Down And Patted Me On The Head, As I Followed Them Towards A Grave.

Of Course, I Didn't Understand What They Were Saying, But I Had A Good Idea That They Were Reading A Grave Of Someone Close To Them. I Haven't Experienced Anyone In My Life Dying, Or I Have Been Too Young. Im Still Young, But Not As Young As A Kit. My Tail Lashed, As I Was Slightly Feeling Annoyance And Madness Erupt In My Veins. I Shook My Head, Trying To Get Rid Of The Feeling That My Birth Family Died To The Wrath Of My Older Brother. I Snaapped Back Into Reality, Shaking Out My Ruffled Pelt. Looking Up, I Saw The Twolegs Leaving. I Ran Up To Them In The Final Moment, Purring At Them. They Gave Pats To My Back Before They Got Into The Monster.

The Time Had Passed As The Sky Turned Into A Suitable, Black Midnight Sky. I Rested My Paws Onto The Ground, And Closed My Eyes. I Was Feeling An Unfamiliar Chill In My Veins, Knowing That The Preist Was Growing Old. Already I Knew The Preist Was 97, And Was Growing Weak. Shaking My Head, I Ascended Myself To My Paws, Then Padded Into The Twoleg House Where The Preist Rested.

My Paws Drifted On The Carpeted Floor, As I Looked Into The Preist's Room, Where It Lay, Breathing Slightly Unusually. I Padded To The Nest It Was Laying In, And I Met It's Gaze. I Leaped Up To It, And Licked It's Face. I Knew This Was The Last Night I Could Stay In The Graveyard. A Long Stretch Of Silence Lasted, And I Looked At The Weak Preist, Feeling It Heaving For Breath. It's Last Motions I Dared To Look At Was It Pointing At A Paper With Directions, A Map.

Padding Over To It, I Rested My Paw Onto A Suitable Place, The Sewers. It Was Pointed With The Words, AM. I Knew That Was The Place I Had To Journey To.

Without Looking Back, I Sprinted Off, Far From The Graveyard, Far From My Home. I Knew Cats Were Waiting For Me, And I Knew I Was Better Off Wild. I Felt A New Strength Surge Through My Veins, As I Felt The Welcoming Shadows Drift Into Me, Letting A Smirk Edge My Face. This Was My Destiny.

" Where Ever My Home Is, It's Where I Belong. "





Soon To Be Archaic Memories


Male (Tomcat, He, Him)


Darkening Neutrality


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Triked's Fur Is A Pale, Angelic Beige, With A Nightmarish, Dark Belly. He Has White Leaf Markings That Run From His Head To His Spine.


Triked's Body Is Long And Small, With A Muscular Build; Broad Shoulders, And Diminutive, Ebony And White Paws.

His Muscles Tend To Ripple More Under His Stomache Due To His Ribs Always Showing Under His Pelt. Triked's Claws Are Jagged And Pointed.

Triked's Eyes Are A Damp, Dull, Forest Green, Which No One In His Family Had.


Triked Is Colour Blind To Other Colours, Excluding Pale, Black, White, Brown, Grey, Brown And Red.

Triked Is Polydactyl, Having 6 Toes On One White Paw, An Advantage To Grip.