P-Twelve Started, Wiping Out The Lives Of Unfortuanate Souls. From The East To The North And South, The Once Thriving Population Of Cats Was Dying Away Like Those Fresh Leaves Falling Off Trees And The Call Of Autumn. It Was Caused By Only 1 Gas Leak, Then Connected To A Nuclear Energy Bomb. The Ones Who Did Survive, Were Very Lucky. Almost 1,000 Cats Remain In The South Area. The Other Coasts, Weren't Very Affected. Thats Where The Clans Were Held, The Ones Who Knew How To Survive On There Own Without Those Twolegs. Most Of The Housecats Were Caught By The Disease, And Those Who Weren't Lucky Died.

C H A P T E R 1

" Jack, Hurry Up Scrap! " My Mother Vociferated Towards Me. I Flinched Backwards At The Strong Demand, And Sighed. I Noticed My Stubby Legs Were Following My Mother's Footsteps. I Still Was Having The Bother Of P-Twelve In My Mind. I Forced It To The Back Of My Head, This Wasn't The Time.

The Critical Loss Was, One Of My Siblings, Jill Vanished. I Saw The Other's Suffering From P-Twelve, But Weren't Lucky. I Knew I Was Alone, The Only Child Now. Stuck With My Mallicious, Villainous Mother Who Barely Cared About Me Anyway. I Got Used To It, Thankfully.