SageClan Forest Cover
You are unfamiliar and will learn the ways of our Clan. No matter what path we take, no matter what heritage, each cat of SageClan holds something special. We work and fight our hardest to protect every beloved Clanmate and our home. You may only see the kind, or the hostile sides of us, but perhaps if you entered the heart of SageClan, you’d learn there is more to us than that. Unity binds the intelligent, light, dark, bravery, serenity, and the ambition together into one Clan. We feel others pain, celebrate each others joy, and grieve as one. We are firm believers of what we stand for, we respect one another whether we take StarClan's path, or anothers. We follow the traditions of the Warrior Code & hold it firmly to ourselves to encourage serenity within our clan. Our histories in the past may have regrets, but we look to the future, refusing to judge others by their history. We will always give each other the same respect, kindness, and love every SageClan cat deserves.

The marshy grasslands have made us swift, the rocks around us have made us cautious and strong, and the rivers have built us to swim skillfully. We adapt to our surroundings, and will fight together as one to protect this land. We will work to help the well being of one other, respect our authority, and help those in need, whether they are inside the clan or not. We will fight for what we believe is right, everyone has a word to give, and our Warrior Code will guide us.

We will welcome you with respect and appreciation if you are accepted and earn our trust. Whether you came to us from the womb of your mother or elsewhere, your commitment, trust, and soul are valuable to SageClan. You will be treated as kin, and we will unite as one. We are independent in the paths StarClan or The Place of No Stars guides us, but we lift each other through the darkest of times, and honor our ancestors for giving us the happiest days. In SageClan you will be appreciated, respected, loyal, be committed, be appreciated, be valued, and above all -- you will be loved.

~ Introduction Credit belongs to Silencedrose and Zyrruu {Bronzedew} ~

The Origins of SageClan

Sage flower

Sage flower

Camp GIF

As you stood in front of the entrance to the home of SageClan, you could already hear the chatting of bonding cats in the clearing. Curiosity tempted you as you eagerly entered, serenity washing over you as you looked around to see the cats of SageClan united as one. They share tongues with one another in the sunlight, as trees hang over our camp as a shelter, our camp clearing is surrounded by secure dens protected by brambles and bush. In the far center of the clearing lies a Highrock, built up by an ancient stream that used to run from it that dried up many moons ago, creating the destined camp for SageClan.

Others are unfamiliar to this place, but to us this is home. You gazed over the clearing to see activity and discussion from every cat. Patrols left and returned with prey in their jaws, serving the clan and defending the lands. Apprentices left to train with their mentors, ecstatic to learn the ways of the Code and how to do their part. At the Highrock, your leader and deputy spoke with one another, gazing over with pride at the cats of SageClan. Cats began to take food from the pile, sharing with one another. The elders were telling stories to the apprentices who were tending to their daily chores. In the far side of the camp, the queens were gossiping with one another, looking after the next generation that played before them. Returning with collections of herbs were the medicine cats, teasing each other with nicknames as they took their herbs and sorted them in organization.

Although each cat had their own past, their own history and regrets, they had something to live for, everyone was worth something here. We may all be different, but this is our home, everyone cared for each other, whether in the path of StarClan or another. We will welcome you with care, and have sworn to protect and help those in need. This is a place of serenity, joy, differences, and love.

Enter our home, and let your journey and destiny begin.

Cats of SageClan hold a neutral and open minded personality. They hold themselves to tradition and respect others beliefs. Some cats may consider them hostile, dark and mysterious, and others may see them to be light and peaceful. By being one of SageClan, some cats are light and others are dark. No matter what beliefs and differences they've had, cats of SageClan have learned to stick as one and care for one another as a clan of unity. They share their feelings and hold special bonds, treating one another as kin. They lift the sorrow, and will fight for what they believe is right.

When seeing other members or another clan reject parts of the Warrior Code, SageClan will bite their tongues to keep a good reputation and to avoid arguments, despite their bothersome reactions. When receiving an accomplishment or victory, they will show modesty when announcing them at gatherings. When SageClan is in need, they won't to admit it, refusing to be in others debt. Though when helping other clans, the cats of SageClan will not allow them to forget the debts they owe. SageClan will also become unusually quiet and isolated in troubled times or after the death of any cat, especially if there was suicide, for they feel this shows cowardice and disrespect to StarClan. They refuse to speak of any cat committing the crime to any of the other clans, and may cover it up with lies. If any of their members are killed by another clan, SageClan will show bitterness and even hatred toward the clan they have battled against.

Despite the flaws of SageClan, they hold a strong connection to their ancestors with respect to their code, resulting in any defiance against is being automatically punished. Looking past their past, they have bonded to evolve into a clan of love, variety, respect, and tradition. Although they try to avoid battle and look for a better resolution, if push comes to shove, SageClan will shed blood if it means to fight for what is right.

Cats of SageClan love one another, and bond together. We grieve together, and lift one another from their misery. We spread our happiness and laugh together. We fight together, and defend who we love. We will continue to hold our heads high, even in our losses and hardest of times.

We are a home of difference, bonding, and love.


~T H E M A R S H L A N D S~



♒Stone Stream♒ Edit

The Stone Stream is surrounded by rocks and requires cats to have to be educated in swimming in order to cross. Cats unable to swim have the path of stepping stones in the water for them to cross. Plenty of fish is provided for prey, shared by the two clans. The Stone Stream is a neutral zone for the two clans that are involved in SageClan's 3 clan system. Crossing the stream and swimming to the other side will result in crossing into another clan's territory.

💀Sacred Ruins💀 Edit

In the exploration of SageClan's territory was an unstable structure of rocks that could have possibly been built by Twolegs. Unfortunately over the moons these rocks have collapsed and killed one of the founders of SageClan; Ghostgaze whose body has been honored in place of the ruins. Since then, traditions have been placed to bury all beloved and deceased cats of SageClan around the ruins in honor of their sacrifices.

🏠Abandoned Twoleg Dens🏠 Edit

The Abandoned Twoleg dens are forbidden for any cats to enter. Inside lies hostile rats and twoleg rubbish. Only in the desperate times of Leafbare warriors will be allowed to enter and fight for prey.


~T H E W O O D L A N D S~

Forest gif

🍃The Great Oak🍃 Edit

The Great Oak is the largest mossy tree in the Woodlands as a sign of cats coming closer to the border of WisteriaClan and SageClan. The tree is also another area where SageClan cats bury their loved lost ones around due to the serenity that surrounds the tree. SageClan may choose to bury those around the Great Oak in cases where a SageClan cat died in the Marshlands, feeling as if it would be wrong to bury them in the place of their death. They may also do this as a reminder to the other clans of their actions if they killed a SageClan cat by burying them in this area.

🎫Abandoned Twoleg Path🎫 Edit

In the Woodlands, there is an old, unstable, broken and slippery strange twoleg path that kittypets and loners have referred to as a "Slide". The strange path leads upward into the high land of TwistedClan territory, also created by twolegs. This path is forbidden to set a paw on due to possible dangers of it.


FOUNDED June 28, 2016
TERRITORY The Marshlands (Zios) and the right side of the Woodlands (Sarepia Forest)
PREY Birds, fish, occassional land prey.
AVATARS Wolves for all ranks.
MEMBER COUNT 24 Members (Counting Usernames)
OC LIMIT Although we are very free and allow much creativity in SageClan, we limit the amount of OC's you're allowed now to 6.
' SPECIES' Domestic Cats (Mixed Breeds within reason)
REALM Neutral
BELIEFS SageClan is open to the beliefs of others, but will always follow the Warrior code. Otherwise, we will respect each other, whether some of us follow StarClan or another world.
WARRIOR CODE SageClan strictly follows the Warrior Code, for a reminder on our code here's a quick link you may follow to read over it. Warrior Code
To clarify that you read our Information, please insert the sentence: "SageClan are the open-minded" onto the bottom of your joining application.


Fox Hat Flower Crown Spring Flower Crown Skull Helmet


Spiked Collars Heart Necklace Leaf Necklace Nothing


Pirate Sword Elf Armor Spartan Armor Jamaaliday Bow


Elf Bracelets Leaf Armor Bracelets Legendary Glove Nothing


Nothing Nothing Nothing Nothing
HEAD Fox Hat Head Flower Raccoon Hat Nothing Nothing
NECK Heart Necklace Pinecone Necklace Jamaaliday Scarf Ribbon Scarf Nothing
BACK Non-Member Pirate Sword Bow and Arrows Worn Nothing Nothing
FEET Friendship Bracelet Freedom Leg Armor Glove Horned Leg Pads Nothing
TAIL Nothing Nothing Nothing Nothing Nothing


D A Y 1
Dawn Sunhigh Sundown Dusk
11:00 AM – 11:30 AM 11:30 AM – 12:00 PM 12:00 PM – 12:30 PM 12:30 PM – 1:00 PM
D A Y 2





1:00 PM – 1:30 PM

1:30 PM – 2:00 PM

2:00 PM – 2:30 PM

2:30 PM – 3:00 PM

D A Y 3
Dawn Sunhigh Sundown Dusk

3:00 PM – 3:30 PM

3:30 PM – 4:00 PM

4:00 PM – 4:30 PM

4:30 PM – 5:00 PM

D A Y 4
Dawn Sunhigh Sundown Dusk
5:00 PM – 5:30 PM 5:30 PM – 6:00 PM 6:00 PM – 6:30 PM 6:30 PM – 7:00 PM
D A Y 5
Dawn Sunhigh Sundown Dusk
7:00 PM – 7:30 PM 7:30 PM – 8:00 PM 8:00 PM – 8:30 PM 8:30 PM – 9:00 PM
D A Y 6
Dawn Sunhigh Sundown Dusk
9:00 PM – 9:30 PM 9:30 PM – 10:00 PM 10:00 PM – 10:30 PM 10:30 PM – 11:00PM
* Warrior Code~ The Warrior Code are filled with the sacred laws and traditions that have been followed and passed down for many generations. Breaking them is complete disrespect towards the belief of StarClan and their laws.
  • No Involvement in other associations~ SageClan will be involved in a 3 clan system with 2 other clans that are yet to be named. Interacting with any other clans is forbidden in roleplay will not be allowed. We will refuse to ally, challenge, or roleplay alongside any other groups and species. SageClan will only accept to roleplay alongside loners, kittypets, or rogues.
  • No Disrespect Toward Any Ranks~ No matter what rank you are, all cats are expected to give respect toward higher ranks. However, this does not mean that a higher rank may disrespect any lower ranked cats. Disrespecting any rank that is higher or even lower than your own may result in consequences.
  • Respect Towards Clanmates~ Joining SageClan requires your loyalty and respect to your fellow clanmates. Every SageClan cat is valuable and has worked just as hard as the other. To welcome a SageClan member is to make them feel comfortable and introduce them to the home of SageClan.
  • Respect towards Clans~ When SageClan meets with the other clans for gatherings, meetings, or alliances, you are expected to give them their respect. The two other clans may have their own differences, whether it's in their beliefs, traditions, roleplay, or even their avatars. SageClan is required to give them as much respect as you would to a acquaintance.
  • Respect towards Clans~ When SageClan meets with the other clans for gatherings, meetings, or alliances, you are expected to give them their respect. The two other clans may have their own differences, whether it's in their beliefs, traditions, roleplay, or even their avatars. SageClan is required to give them as much respect as you would to a acquaintance.
  • Traditional Roleplay~ Anatomy, Latin, and "Advanced Vocabulary" are not allowed in SageClan. Small descriptions and minor vocabulary are acceptable, but your words must be clear for everyone to understand, especially if you're training or fighting an opponent.
  • Powerplaying~ Powerplaying is completely intolerable inside SageClan. Every member is expected to have an understandable roleplay especially when attacking. No matter who you are facing, you are expected to respond in clear, concise, and realistic moves that your opponent can understand.
  • Seriousness~ In SageClan, you are expected to roleplay and be serious when you're told to. Having other cats outside the clan roleplay alongside us is fine, but joking around distractedly in times of roleplay is not tolerated. If you continue this behavior, you will be asked to leave or locked out of the den. If you simply do not wish to roleplay, or are not feeling well up to it, that is understandable and you will be excused.
  • Intruders~ An intruder inside the territory must be a roleplayer. When dealing with trespassers, cats will give them up to 3 warnings and then challenge them before attacking. You WILL NOT bully or harass intruders, confronting one is for roleplay purposes only. When in combat with an intruder, the goal is to chase off the territory, not to kill. If the intruder is entirely helpless, they will be assisted.
  • Antagonistic Behavior~ Drama is common among clans and is okay within roleplay. We welcome drama that is relating to our storyline as long as it stays there. If the drama extends outside of roleplay lines, this will not be acceptable. Harassing, bullying, mocking, insulting clanmates, your authority, and/or other clans will be punishable.
  • Antagonistic Behavior~ Drama is common among clans and is perfectly tolerated within roleplay. We welcome drama that is relating to our storyline as long as it stays there. If the drama extends outside of roleplay lines, this will not be acceptable. Harassing, bullying, mocking, insulting clanmates, your authority, and/or other clans will be punishable by OOC Punishments.
  • You have to read our page~ Our page holds information NECESSARY when joining and being apart of SageClan. Not reading it will not only cause misinterpretations and confusion for yourself, but it will be disruptive and fairly obvious to us. Not reading it when making your joining application risks you being denied.
  • Loyalty~ Loyalty is a major part of all SageClan cats. You are expected to be loyal to your clan and defend them with your life. You are also expected to put your clan before kin and close friends. Clan/pack hopping and double-grouping will not be tolerated, if you are found with a different colored tag other than the SageClan color without permission, you will be interrogated. When leaving the clan, you will not be allowed to enter the camp or territory. You have three chances of rejoining before you cannot join anymore.
To make sure that you read our rules, please insert the word: Rulebook on the bottom of your joining application.

♡KITS♡ Edit

Kits are forbidden to leave camp until they are apprenticed. They will not hunt or fight either unless completely necessary in a camp invasion.

Kits will not leave the nursery until their eyes have opened.

Kits may not enter or consume anything from the Medicine Cat den unless it is for treatment.


Young apprentices ranging from 6-8 Moons may not leave camp without an older apprentice or a warrior.

An apprentice must have had at least 5 moons of training before becoming a warrior.

Due to their young age, apprentices may not have a mate or kits.

Apprentices must obey their mentor or authority when they are given a task. No matter how unpleasant the task may be, it is necessary to serve the clan. Refusing to follow these orders will result in punishment and delay in their progress to become a warrior.

Apprentices are forbidden to eat anything on their patrols or in camp until their camp has been served or if they have been given permission.


The Medicine Cats will meet with StarClan at every half-moon to receive their messages. When meeting with StarClan, they will also be forbidden to eat before leaving unless they are consuming traveling herbs.

Medicine Cats are forbidden to have a mate or kits. They are required to hold their strongest connections to StarClan and care for other cats. Breaking either of these rules will result in automatic banishment from their position and they will have to become a warrior.

Although learning herbs and connections is important to the life of a Medicine Cat, they must also be trained by their mentors and be knowledgeable on how to defend themselves and hunt for the clan.

The Medicine Cats will not participate in battles or dangerous missions. They are needed to heal and assist the clan. The Medicine Cats will stay on the far sides of the battle field to help any injured cats.

As a Medicine Cat you are required to act as a role model toward your clan. You hold spiritual connections like no other and are knowledgeable on the subject of herbs. You are required to respect your clan as an authority, and help them in any way you can. You are also expected to be kind toward the medicine cats in other clans, for they hold the same role as you do and deserve respect.


Expecting She-cats must resort to the rank of a queen to care for their unborn kits and to raise them until they are apprenticed or born.

Queens must nurse their own or another queens kits if necessary. They must also be alarmed and watch over their kits to keep them out of danger.

Queens may leave the nursery when their kits have become apprenticed, however they may stay to assist other queens or look after other kits.

Expecting Queens may not participate in battles, for it is a danger to the safety of their unborn kits and they must stay in the nursery at all times. This also goes for nursing queens with young kits.


Elders are not allowed to hunt or fight in battles, for they are too old or unstable to care for themselves properly. They are also not allowed to leave camp unless they have a warrior to guide them.

When moving to the rank of an Elder, you have gained the wisdom and respect from the whole clan. You are expected to be respectful to other cats and pass the experience you've taken from your past to other cats to guide them in their future.


* First offense or minor rule break- Breaking a rule the 1st time/having a minor rule break will result in doing a unpleasant apprentice task or being scolded. Whether you are an apprentice or warrior, your punishment will be decided by your mentor or authorities whether it's to pick out the elders ticks or clean the moss bedding for the entire day.
  • Second offense- If this is the 2nd time you've broken a rule, or what you've done is more severe, you have just earned yourself an extension of apprentice duties. Your mentor or authority will decide how long this will take, this may range from 3 days to a week.
  • Third offense- If your third offense is just as small as your last two, you will be delayed in doing your duties and have to stay in camp, lasting to either a week or a moon. This will also strip you from the privileges of going on patrols, missions, and gatherings. While you stay in camp, you will be occupied with apprentice tasks.
  • Fourth Offense + Crucial Disrespect- This punishment is done for the 4th offense or if your disrespect towards the code and rules have been critical enough to go straight to this punishment, such as attacking a clan mate, another clan cat without reason, etc. In this consequence, your rank will be demoted either permanently or temporarily. If you're a kit or an apprentice, your ceremonies will be delayed. Warriors will be demoted to do apprentice duties for a long period of time.
  • Fifth Offense- The 5th offense could also be straightly gone to if your actions have been wrong enough such as breaking the medicine cat laws or attacking multiple clanmates or clan cats. In this consequence, you will be unable to participate in gatherings, patrols, missions, and battles to have to stay in camp with a demoted rank until you have learned discipline.
  • Last Offense- If you have done a total of over 6 minor offenses, you will continue to receive the 5th until you have learned discipline. However, if you have broken major parts of the code such as killing a clanmate, killing someone from another clan without reason, betrayal, etc. You may not only be sent to the Place of No Stars, but you will then receive the final punishment of exile. When exiled, you will only receive one more chance before being unable to rejoin at all.

✯Leader✯ Edit


(20 Moons+)

Username Name Apprentice Age Lives OC Description
Silencedrose Warstar None 25 Moons 9/9 Warstar is a muscular, tall, slim, and beautiful Short-Haired Tortoiseshell and Norwegian Forest Mixed She-cat with piercing icy blue eyes.

☪Deputy☪ Edit


(20 Moons+)

Username Name Apprentice Age OC Description
ayeitsboo Breezesong Cardinalpaw 25 Moons Breezesong is a massive, strongly built Norwegian long haired tom with sky blue eyes.

💮Medicine Cat💮 Edit


(20 Moons+)

Username Name Apprentice Age OC Description
Maia28363 Mothlight None 20 Moons Mothlight is an attractive, Bronze Egyptian Mau she-cat with amber eyes.

🌸Medicine Cat Apprentice🌸 Edit


(6 Moons+)

Username Name Age Mentor OC Description

⚜Senior Warriors⚜ Edit


(45 Moons+)

Username Name Apprentice Age OC Description
ambspo Mazerunner None 48 Moons Mazerunner is a massive, tan, onyx colored Norwegian Forest Cat.
Nightships Stretchedroot None 49 Moons Stretchedroot is a brown and black massive tabby she-cat.


☯Warriors☯ Edit


(12 Moons+)

Username Name Apprentice Age OC Description
Siamezecat Fawnwhisker None 25


Fawnwhisker is a beautiful Maine Coon with glossy blue eyes.
Kvwn Oceanfrost None 15 Moons Oceanfrost is a Siberian she-cat with a bluish tint to her coat. She also holds a scar on her right eye.
Kvwn Echomist None 20 Moons Echomist is a dark, achromatic white colored Short Haired Bengal she-cat with icy blue eyes and a scar along her back.
xsugi Ember None 32 Moons Ember is a bulky, Black Norwegian Forest Cat with nearly pale eyes.
0utlander Russianflight None 13 Moons RussianFlight has a slate coat and bright green eyes.
Wolfie76005 Ashfeather None 27 Moons Ashfeather is a tall tabby with a light grey coat, dark stripes and green eyes. She has a very long tail and a scar over her snout, and often trips over her long legs.
Cruor Bearsoul None 24 Moons Bearsoul is a brown and black Norwegian forest cat with blue eyes.
Silverstream3545 Riptide None 14 Moons Riptide is a Russian Blue Burmese she-cat with teal orbs, a grey underbelly and one black paw.
MOIMI Shadedpath None 19 Moons Shadedpath is a pitch black Devon Rex She-cat with a scar on her ear and one of her legs.
Wolfie76005 Blindsong None 49 Moons Blindsong is a small, muscular, soft grey, brown, and tan tom with pale grey eyes. He was also born blind and tends to be hazy, but has a lovely, beautiful voice.
Nightships Redwing None 49 Moons Redwing is a crimson tinted russet, tall, and clumsy tom with bright amber eyes.
Frozenyouth Cobrafang None 15 Moons Cobrafang is a handsome young sandy Norwegian Forest Cat tom with creamy colored stripes, and blazing light green eyes.
Overbluewaters Rippletide None 34 Moons Rippletide is a long framed tom with a mysterious glint to his icy blue eyes, and a nearly pitch black thick coat. The Norwegian Forest Cat tom has rather large paws, a scar on his flank, and unusually long claws.

🐾Apprentices🐾 Edit


(6 - 12 Moons+)

Username Name Age Mentor OC Description
101hh Cardinalpaw 6 Moons Breezesong Cardinalpaw is a crimson Somali tom with blue eyes.
Paradox39 Salmonpaw 6 Moons Left, to be reassigned Salmonpaw is a Persian with a smoked salmon color to her pelt.
brightheart26 Brightpaw 8 Moons Inactive, to be announced Brightpaw is a rather large snow white Bengal she-cat with an ocelot mix.
Nightships Russetpaw 7 Moons Will be reassigned, Inactive. Russetpaw is a young, thin coated Japanese Bobtail she-cat with a crimson tinted coat.
Ser67 Autumnpaw 6 Moons Inactive, to be announced. Autumnpaw is a young Tortoiseshell she-cat with blue eyes.
Yotaz Stagpaw 7 Moons Inactive, to be announced Stagpaw is a young bronze American Bobtail she-cat with a dark underbelly, dusty brown coat and pale markings.
Frozenyouth Littlepaw 8 Moons TBA Littlepaw is a Turkish Angora with a pale coat, white paws, ginger moon like patterns and amber eyes.
Maceywolf Hazelpaw 6 Moons TBA Hazelpaw is a brown and tan Variet Asian she-cat with bright green eyes.
Saparkytwo Emberpaw 9 Moons TBA Emberpaw is a light brown Ragdoll and Turkish Angora mixed tom with crimson tinted spots and bright yellow eyes.
MOIMI Earthpaw 10 Moons TBA Earthpaw is a chestnut American Bobtail she-cat with a brown shaded underbelly.
Kawaiiibunnyiskawaii Mudpaw 7 Moons TBA Mudpaw is a beautiful, pale grey she-cat with a white underbelly and paws, fur splashed with brown, small dapples.


💕Queens💕 Edit

(Unlimited) (14 Moons+)

Username Name Age Mate or Adopted Father and kits OC Description
Nightships Scorchedthorn 19 Moons Mate: Sunblaze

Kit(s): Goldenkit

Scorchedthorn is a blonde Maine Coon with lavender eyes.
Kvwn Mountainwhisper 23 Moons Mate: Thornheart




Mountainwhisper is a tan, silver and grey Bengal she-cat.
  • Scorchedthorn.
  • Mountainwhisper

♡Kits♡ Edit


(Newborn - 6 Moons+)

Username Name Age Parents OC Description
Sujocakes Willowkit 3 Moons Breezesong and Unknown, deceased she-cat. Willowkit is a tiny, silver Egyptian Mau.
Lillies2002 Fallenkit 3 Moon Warstar and Pinefall Fallenkit is a beautiful, small Tortoiseshell and tabby mix with blue eyes.
ayeitsboo Creamkit 4 Moons Deceased Creamkit is a handsome young Red Somali tom.
Kvwn Coralkit 4 Moons Abandoned Coralkit is a young Bengal kitten with a pinkish tint to her. She also has a scar along her paw.
Legendaryfries Sandkit 4 Moons Abandoned Sandkit, named for being born in the sands is a black and white tom.
Nightships Tulipkit 2 Moons Unknown Tulipkit is a small Lilac tinted Somali she-kit.
Paradox39 Goldenkit 1 Moon Scorchedthorn and Sunblaze Goldenkit is a young Maine Coon she-kit,with chestnut eyes.
Nightships Cedarkit 1 Moon Two abandoned rogues. Cedarkit is a Maine Coon and Egyptian Mau mix she-kit with one blind eye.
maia28363 Daisykit 3 Moons Lost Daisykit is a young bronze Egyptian Mau with icy eyes.

🌠Elders🌠 Edit


(-120 Moons+)

(The age range of elders only goes to those who are retiring of old age)

Username Name Age Reason to joining Elders OC Description
Sujocakes Brindlesplash 174 Moons Old Age Brindlesplash is a tall and lean elderly Bengal she-cat. She is also the oldest cat in the clan.
Juice1212 Farcry 70 Moons Unstable to fight after the death of her kits and personal weaknesses. Farcry is a creepy, tall, underweight brown and silver Maine Coon old she-cat with mysterious green eyes.
101hh Sparrowsong 120 Moons Old age Sparrowsong is a handsome, elderly Chocolate Tortoiseshell tom and the clan's former Medicine Cat.
Nightships Darkfoot 126 Moons Old age Darkfoot is a Chesnut Brown and jet black tom with pale sandy eyes.

Sageclan gives their honor and respect to the deceased cats who gave their lives and commitment to us. We remember and hold their memories closest to our hearts. No matter where they went, we live on with their memories and spirits to guide us. We believe their spirits are still with us as they hunt with our ancestors. We continue to honor them for their courage, loyalty, and sacrifice they have given to SageClan.
Starclan gif
Username Name Cause of death Remembered for Last Words/Quote
Silencedrose Sagestar Murdered by unknown First leader of SageClan, creator and one of the founders. Mother to Breezesong and Warstar. "I'd never thought I'd see the light until now..."
101hh Ghostgaze Crushed by collapsing rocks. Saving Sagestar from the collapsing ruins, another founder and father to Warstar and Breezesong. None
101hh Spruceclaw Heart attack. Being one of the greatest senior warriors and brother to Sparrowsong. "May StarClan light your path..."
maia28363 Palepaw Killed in battle by WisteriaClan cat Being a lovely, kind, and brave apprentice who defended her clan and beloved daughter to Warstar and Pinefall. To Warstar:"I'm sorry for not telling you Ragingstorm was alive..."
Nightships Shadinghope Committed suicide by jumping off ledge above Stone Stream, blunt force trauma to the head. Being a brave, mysterious warrior who spoke out for her beliefs. She was also the loving sister to Scorchedthorn. "Tell Sunblaze, that I'm sorry..."
Saparkytwo Stonescar Slaughtered by "rogues" in the Marshlands Being a loyal, caring young tom who stuck beside his closest sister, Pebblepath, protecting her until the end. "Forgive her please-"
Frozenyouth Pebblepelt Committed suicide by jumping into the Stone Stream and drowning due to the guilt of killing her brother. Being a young, loving, and bright she-cat. She was respectful, kind, and very loving of her brother Stonescar. "Tell... tell Warstar I'm sorry... the clan I'm sorry... for killing Stonescar... can you forgive me?"


💜Our Vigils💜Edit

SageClan is honored to be apart of the Three Clan System involving other clans that all share Bremer. The map is divided and borders are marked for the clans to share equally. This system is a fantastic way to interact with other clan cats and have activities with them as patrols meet each other. Gatherings, Half Moon Moonpool meetings, and much more have been set in order to have activities and interaction with the three other clans.


⭐The Other Clans⭐ Edit

🌼WisteriaClan🌼 Edit

*WIP* Edit



🎌Clan Activities🎌 Edit

We have fought when meeting WisteriaClan, and unfortunately have lost Palepaw to this battle. SageClan grieves for the loss, and is now staying neutral toward WisteriaClan to avoid any future battles.


🍀Gatherings🍀 Edit



🍀Gathering Announcements🍀 Edit



🌓Half-Moon Meetings🌓 Edit



🌓Half-Moon Meeting Announcements🌓 Edit



☮Alliances☮ Edit



🔥Rivalries🔥 Edit



⚔Battles⚔ Edit




☆Prophecies and Omens☆ Edit

"Kin will turn on kin and be the destruction of the clan." - Sparrowsong's sign.
Prophecy gif

🌷️Season🌷 Edit

Greenleaf o


☁Weather☁ Edit

Do to the hot weather, there is occasional rain to cool down the heat of Greenleaf.
Greenleaf rain

Ξ Territory Status Ξ Edit

The trees and plants are have fully grown and leave a flourished territory with a smoothly, regular flowing stream.
Territory Status Gif

℃ Temperatures ℃ Edit

The temperatures are now warm and getting hotter in the heat of Greenleaf.
Tempatures heat



🐟Prey Status🐟 Edit

Prey status


🐭Prey🐭 Edit

Rare land prey, yet plentiful fish and birds.
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🐱Clan Status🐱 Edit

Our cats have been flourished with plenty of prey and now have regained all their strength and are healthy enough to do proper and casual tasks.=

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SageClan OFFICIAL/ Our Family Tree
Here are the Announcements of SageClan, being updated daily during important events. Past announcements from previous months shall be deleted.
August 2, 2016- Salmonpaw and Fogkit have found that they are actually sisters, both abandoned by their parents and found by SageClan!

August 4, 2016- SageClan and two other clans have battled against each other when intruding in the forest. During this battle SageClan suffered the great loss of Warstar's daughter and Breezesong's niece, Palepaw who was killed by a WisteriaClan cat. SageClan have decided to compromise with the other clans after the loss, creating a 3 Clan System. SageClan continues to grieve for Palepaw as she now hunts with StarClan.

August 5, 2016- Palepaw's vigil has been held and the clan grieved over her as they shared tongues with the young apprentice one last time. The elder, Brindlesplash and the closest to Palepaw, Warstar, Willowkit, and Breezesong have buried her by the Sacred Ruins where her memory and those of the deceased shall last forever.

August 6, 2016- Congratulations to Sunblaze and Scorchedthorn for delivering a healthy young kit! SageClan welcomes Goldenkit into the clan!

August 9, 2016- SageClan grieves for the loss of Shadinghope who committed suicide to end her emotional grief and agony. Though we grieve, cats of SageClan will refuse to speak of her or her suicide due to the crime and disrespect that has been done due to her act of suicide. SageClan shall hold the vigil soon, and hope the other clans are unaware.

August 10, 2016- Sageclan has found and confronted two rogues by the names of Desert and Mint, these helpless, starving, and wounded cats have been assisted and welcomed into SageClan.

August 10, 2016- Salmonpaw has gone missing! SageClan prays to StarClan for the safety of the apprentice, and keeps a desperate eye out for her in hopes for her return.

August 10, 2016- SageClan has found Cedarkit who was abandoned by two rogues who left SageClan. Our clan welcomes this young kit and hopes she grows up to be a strong warrior!

August 11, 2016- SageClan has found a lost kit by the name of Daisykit in the Woodland territory! SageClan welcomes her into SageClan!

August 13, 2016- Welcome to SageClan Pebblepath and Stonescar! These two siblings have stumbled upon us and we welcome them here to start a new life.

August 14, 2016- Welcome to SageClan Farcry! We welcome this mysterious, strange elderly she-cat to SageClan and hopes she finds a new family here with us.

August 19, 2016- TwistedClan has recently wiped out, another spot is now open in the Three Clan System.

August 20, 2016- WisteriaClan warns us of a badger who had left their lands and crossed into SageClan territory, SageClan cats are to stay alert of the territory and never be alone.

August 20, 2016- Congratulations to Stretchedroot for earning her title as a senior warrior of SageClan!

August 22, 2016- Cedarkit has caught a high fever and unknown sickness! SageClan prays for this young kits survival.

August 24, 2016- We grieve for Stonescar, the young warrior has been killed by a rogue in the Marshlands before he could be rushed to the Medicine Cat den. The clan grieves during his vigil, he has been buried by Farcry, Darkfoot, and Pebblepelt.

August 26, 2016- Pebblepelt has jumped into the Stone Stream as a suicide during a hunt with Emberpaw and Littlepaw! We grieve for her loss, and pray for forgiveness to StarClan, for we were not able to save her. She also confessed to killing Stonescar. Despite her mistakes, we will continue to grieve for the young lost warrior and will hold her vigil soon. We also thank Emberpaw and Littlepaw in their attempts to save the warrior.

In the comments, please fill out the application below and message Warstar, who is Silencedrose. If you need to talk to her via the Wiki, her username is: SilencedRose.Requested name:



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This section is only for people who have been accepted as a member of SageClan, if you wish to add an OC you must make sure you have been accepted into SageClan first.




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We will all welcome you with open arms and hope you find your home and family in SageClan!

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