♚ R I S I N G C L A N ♚


"We're RisingClan, and we'll rise above you."

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"Among us, our values contain intentions only we can withstand. Our beliefs rise over the domestic only to demolish what is unfit to our kind. Our kind is like no other, and only will rise. Rising above the mortal perils we're faced. Rising above the rivals we're challenged upon. Rising above our ancestors themselves. We're inevitable, unconquerable, and unpredictable. Our approval is a tide, unlikely to survive. We look at others, and we don't like what we see. We're RisingClan, and we'll rise above you."




Under Construction




Founding Date 9/11/16
Status Extremely Active
Member Count 27
Species Domestic Felines Only
Orientation Strictly Dark
Roleplay Style Traditional & Vocabulary
Camp Location Septentrional
Tag Color Black
Badge Star




Leaders (x2/Closed)

The Leaders are the main authority of the Clan. The Leaders carry the weight of the Clan on their shoulders, keeping them organized and fit. They are the highest level of respect, and aren't talked back to under any circumstance. They're in charge of keeping the Clan safe, and taking care of any problems residing within the Clan.

Name Username Physical Description Gender Mate Lives
Aspenstar Septentrional Aspenstar is a savage Bengal and Maine Coon mix, his fur astramentous hued, accompanied with dark grey stripe like splotches along his monumental frame. He has a light brown underbelly and intimidating light azure eyes. Male None 9/9
Scythestar Buelljam Scythestar is a lethal pure Norwegian Forest Cat, painted black with a rosette pattern of tan splotches, accompanied by transfixing ecru eyes. Female None 9/9

Deputies (x2/Pending)

The Deputies help distribute the weight of the Leaders duties, they are basically Co-leaders, being in charge when the Leaders are not on. Deputies have the role of sending out patrols. The Deputies are authoritative, they have high levels of respect, for when a Leader dies, one of them will become the new Leader.

Name Username Physical Description Gender Mate
Conjuringlight Epicmickeythefirst Conjuringlight is monstrous in size and has intimidating sinister like features. This Burmilla and Havana Brown mixed Felis Catus has a sinewy muscular frame, which is an advantage to many things. Her brown overcoat has a dusty mahogany hint to it, while her undercoat is a charcoal livid color. Conjuringlight has ecru flecks that are beneath her thin layered overcoat, traveling from her muzzle to the tip of her floccose, lengthy tail. She has hued, pale irises with a slight hazel hint them. Female Octoberslip & Vortexblitz

Medicine Cat (x2/Closed)

The Medicine Cats provide remedies to wounds and sicknesses. They are extremely skilled with herbs and poultices, and a highly respected job. Medicine Cats are respected by all. They are also capable of interpreting omens sent by our ancestors in StarClan, and they go to the Moonpool each half-moon.

Name Username Physical Description Gender Mate
Larksong Rosaamor Larksong is a Marble Bengal and American Shorthair mix. She has a speckled pelt with an unusually complex pattern. Her eyes are a dark, drooping green, which make her appear depressed at most times. Female None
Quailfeather Wolvesaresweeet Quailfeather is an Australian Mist and Nebelung mix. She has azure-blue eyes that seem to calm everyone around her. She was born with a one-layered soft dove grey coat, a black undercoat and splotches. Her front left paw is broken, causing her limp around. She also has scars etching her crippled paw's leg. Her right ear was torn from the same incident when she was a young kitten. Female None

Medicine Cat Apprentices (x2/Closed)

The Medicine Cat apprentices are Medicine Cats in training. They sleep in the Medicine Den, and are taught skills such as herbs, mending broken bones, and are also skilled in the art of interpretations from signs given from StarClan. They are assigned to a Medicine Cat to teach them, and Warriors can take turns teaching them basic fighting skills.

Name Username Physical Description Gender Mentor
Brokenpaw Ally313 Brokenpaw is a small Bombay Main-coon cat, his pelt is white/grey and his eyes are a slight white/green color. His voice is harsh, scratchy and quiet. He is quiet shy and nice, and a big scardy cat. Male Larksong
Mosspaw Aj13736 Mosspaw has a light brown overcoat with a pale brown underbelly, just like her paws. She has a slight scar on her left shoulder, along with elegant, dark green opticals. Her breed is undentified. Female Quailfeather

Senior Warriors (x5/Pending)

The Senior Warriors the top Warriors. This rank must be earned, these Warriors are the most trusted, and preferably the best fighters. They are at the head of patrols, they don't have command over the Warriors, but they can help keep the Warriors organized.

Name Username Physical Description Gender Mate
Octoberslip Bigzoocatty Octoberslip is an alluring, daunting felines. His overcoat is a mixture between a flaxen shade of beige, and a achromic mix.Though he has a muscular, diminutive slender frame, Octoberslip is more of a light headed feline. In addition, he has a green choke collar, which causes Octoberslip to let out a few gasps here and there. Male Conjuringlight & Vortexblitz
Owlcry Meerkatlover55555 Owlcry has a tan and cream coat with dark cocoa brown markings trickling down her spine, accompanied with a voluminous frame. Owlcry also possesses a pair of hued, faded, bland opticals, and a fleecy lengthy tail. Female None
Puddlefrost XxloststarxX Puddlefrost has a muscular frame, with a luxurious baby blue tinted coat and brilliant silver eyes, accompanied by a mineral dust colored underbelly with glorious alabaster markings. Female None
Vortexblitz Freegalaxywolfx Vortexblitz is a quite muscular Burmilla X Brazilian Shorthair X Cymric mixed masculine. His eyes are a pale, ghostly white shade. His skills lie in fighting but he is also capable of reasonable hunting techniques. His pelt consists of almost a maroon shade, though it is actually a crimson brown and just appears to have a maroon hint. Streaks of a bleary, bright tawny shade scatter among his overcoat, standing out well against his crimson-maroon shaded coat. His undercoat is more of an achromic, dark grey color as well as his tail tip. Male Conjuringlight & Octoberslip

Warriors (x∞/Open)

The Warriors are the ultimate fighters and hunters of the Clan. They must be ready to defend the Clan at all costs. They are respect as an equal to everyone else in the Clan, and having authority over the apprentices and kits.

Name Username Physical Description Gender Mate
Arrowheart Suggest Arrowheart is an ebony she cat with orange splotches on her pelt and face and a light brown chest, paws, and tip of the tail. She has a unique tortoiseshell pattern scattered along her Bombay, European Shorthair and Turkish Van self. She tends to be strong-willed, a bit hot-tempered, and fiercely independent feminine. She can sometimes be feisty and unpredictable when she's stressed, but mainly Arrowheart is talkative. Female None
Autumnleap P773 Autumnleap is a tall alabaster, brown and ebony mixed she cat with hazel hued eyes, the left eye conatining three unusually deep memorable scars right below the eyelid. Female None
Darkenedstrive Thundacookie Darkenedstrive is an abnormally tall and bulky male Maine Coon/ Russian Blue feline that is a darkened greyish/blueish and black coulor. He has a few minor battle scars as well. His personality is dark oriented and ominous, but he is quite happy and hyper more often than not. Male None
Duststorm Kins1 Duststorm is a lithe, robust dusty brown she cat with brunette tabby stripes on her colossal legs and lengthy tail. Her eyes are a rich shade of amber, and her right forepaw is contorted after it was ran over by a monster in her kithood. There is a large patch of fur missing from her back from when it was torn off during a badger attack. She weights approxamately ten pounds and is about eleven inches tall. Female None
Hauntedsoul Lazybonesk Hauntedsoul is a Nebelung and Maine Coon mixed breed whom is a completely ebony male with ghostly, glowing blue opticals. The male feline has a very muscular frame with long haired thick layering of fur. He is very intimidating and is very wise and knowledgeable. Male None
Lavenderrose Xxgrandmasterpandaxx Lavenderrose is a sleek charcoal Russian Blue British Shorthair mixed feline. Her pelt consists of black splotches on her back, while she has soft brown eyes that seem like fallen leaves. Female None
Lividgaze Mightypower45 LividGaze is a deft feline who acquires a lissome, toned build with a downy, chocolate brown pelt. While her underbelly is an orange like tan, white markings layer her sleek pelt. The feline has narrowed, vague golden eyes that pierce intensely into another's. Female None
Mercytide Rhonda67 Mercytide is a young misty grey female with darker grey stripes, ablaster belly and hazy rain colored intimidating, wide eyes. Female None
Midnightbird Fireheart41055 Midnightbird is a black male with a white slit on the right side of his chin and two other deep slits almost identical next to each other on his left hind leg. He has pale icy greyish-blue sea foam eyes. Male None
Rowantail Catlikeness Rowantail is a lithe Norwegian Forest feline whom is obsidian and dusty brown. The rest of her thick coat consists of charcoal tinted markings running along her spine, while her opticals are a light azure. Female None

Apprentices (x20/Open)

The apprentices are Warriors-in-training. Each apprentice is given a mentor to teach them fighting skills, and hunting skills. Apprentices also are in charge of side-tasks such as searching elders for ticks, and replacing bedding for the Warriors. They become a Warrior after an estimate of 6 moons of training.

Name Username Physical Description Gender Mentor
Ghostpaw --- Ghostpaw is a complete charcoal colored feline with green sea foam irises. She has ecru flecks within her pitched charcoal coat. Female TBD
Nectarpaw Jammer66897 Nectarpaw is a pale coated feline accompanied by lustrous, emerald green eyes, and bleach-like tabby stripes. Female Conjuringlight
Woodpaw Idonthaveipod111 Woodpaw is a light beige she cat with a pure white unpigmented underbelly. She has a musky, clouded green left eye with a lighter green right eye. Female Vortexblitz

Kits (x10/Open)

The kits are mainly playful, youth and heart of the Clan. The kits have no responsibilities, only not straying from Camp. The kits become an apprentice when they reach the age of six moons old. They sleep in the Nursery with the Queens until they become an apprentice.

Name Username Physical Description Gender Mother
Artemiskit Attilababy Artemiskit has a very thin coat of fur. Her overcoat has a glistening silvery tone white her undercoat is pitched obsidian. She has very dark charcoal flecks scattered along her thin pelt, arising from her obsidian paws to her bony spine. Female Duststorm
Cinderkit Cutetigerqueen Cinderkit has a complete pitched inky thick layered coat with light stone grey markings scattered along her pelt. She has wide, intimidating light azure eyes. Female Duststorm
Iriskit 8wolfie2003 Iriskit is a sleek dark and light caramel shaded she kit with a white unpigmented underbelly and bluish-dark grey eyes. Female Duststorm




Please make sure you read over our regulations thoroughly before requesting to join us.

♚Anatomy & Latin♚

Anatomy and Latin are strongly forbidden from RisingClan. If you are caught using it, you will be given three warnings. After the third warning, you will be immediantly punished. We take this rule seriously and if you disobey it, we will not be afraid to give severe punishments.

♚Be Active♚

Please try to be as active as you can in RisingClan. If there is an issue why you can not be on Animal Jam, please contact one of the TH about it and we will get it settled.

If you are not in the Clan for at least one month without informing us where you have been, you will be exiled. It's best you try keeping in touch with us, because we are positive that you wouldn't want to come home from vacation finding out your exiled from your Clan for inactivity.

♚Be Serious♚

Though we like to have fun, it's best if you stay serious. If the TH is messing around, feel free to join in. But once the TH puts the silliness to an end, then that's when you must begin to act serious.

You will get three warnings if your acting silly when we are doing serious roleplay, after the third warning you will get exiled. We take this rule seriously and if you disobey it, we won't be afraid to give severe punishments.

♚Character Rules♚

You may have one and only one character, and that's that. We don't allow people to have over one character because it causes to much confusion for everyone. And we ask you, to please not start any drama with your character when the TH isn't around. We want the TH to be online roleplaying with you when you decide to kill off your character.

The limit to how long you should have your one character should be a month and a half at least. This does not mean you have to kill your character at the end of every month and a half, it's recommend you keep that one character for a long while.


Double-Grouping consists of being in other Clans/Tribes/Packs while in RisingClan. If we find out that you are somehow Double-Grouping, you will be immediately exiled, never to return nor re-join.


Once you leave the very first time, you may return. But after you leave the second time, then you may not return. Getting exiled is a whole other story, you may never return if your exiled from RisingClan. We will not tolerate any type of whining, begging, etc. You will be immediately asked to leave our page.


Power playing is strictly forbidden in RisingClan. If you do not know what this means, it's having the free will of being able to do anything by saying "nn" which abbreviates for "no nothing", or "nm" which abbreviates for "no miss".

You will have three warnings. If your caught power playing after the third warning, you will be immediately exiled. We take this rule seriously and if you disobey it, we won't be afraid to give severe punishments.


This is a big rule in RisingClan. If you are disrespecting someone in the Clan, there will be a punishment. This goes for everyone in the Clan, no matter how small or tall you are, young or elderly.


If you encounter a tresspasser on RisingClan territory, be sure to give them a warning to not return. Make sure to tell someone in the TH about the tresspasser. If they are spotted again, then you have permission to attack, but not kill. Someone in the TH will decide the right time for kill if they continuously come back to our territory.




♚Verbal Warning♚

A verbal warning consequence isn't major and is frequently given for those who make minor mistakes. You will just speak face to face about where you've gone wrong and clear up any nonesense.

♚Public Humiliation♚

Public humiliation comes after verbal warning. A public humiliation will be something wrong you have done that gets mentioned infront of your peers.

♚Assigned Apprentice Tasks♚

This consequence it given to you on how you treat it. You could have Apprentice tasks so as cleaning dens, hunting for others, etc. This consequence could last a day to a full moon, it all depends on your actions.

♚Confined To Camp♚

If you are Confined to camp, you are restricted to leaving it. This consequence could last a day to a full moon, it all depends on your actions.

♚Torn Ear/Tail♚

We are a strictly dark orientated Clan, so we will not stutter to tear your ear or tail.


Depending on your actions, you could be demoted from your current rank you have.


We exile people for only a several reasons, and they are mainly for OOC actions. The includes Double-Grouping.


Death usually happens during roleplay, and this consequence isn't so frequent. Though, we wouldn't hold back due to us being a dark orientated group.





Group Name Leaders Name Leaders Username Deputies Name Deputies Username Species
DeathClan Silhouettestar & Halfstar Connectings & Xmistfurxx Burned Theswiftlady Domestic Felines


Group Name Leaders Name Leaders Username Deputies Name Deputies Username Species


Group Name Leaders Name Leaders Username Deputies Name Deputies Username Species




Joining Form


Your Animal Jam username should be listed here. You can also add your AJCW username here as well. Feel free to add a nickname beside your username so when we're not on a roleplaying session and we're OOC we can call you by a simple nickname.

♚Character Name♚

Everyone's prefix should be different and unique in their own way, it causes to much confusion to have two RisingClan members to have the same prefix. If you do have the same prefix as someone else in the Clan, you will be asked to change it before you join.


The physical description of your character, though it would help if you added the reality version of your character as in a IRL picture or reference sheet. Either way, you still need to type us a brief description of your character because it will go on the page.


A brief description on how your character acts or conducts themselves in a specified way, especially toward others. Also, the qualities of your distinctive character.


Female, male. Feel free to add your characters sexuality here, though it's not required.


We ask for your character to be a crossover breed, because it's inaccurate to find purebreds in the forest. If you wish to be a purebred feline in RisingClan, then you must have some sort of background Kittypet life and we'd like to hear your story.

♚Desired Rank♚

We are in need of more Warriors. If you want to be a kit, then you must find a mother or feline in RisingClan to nurture you.

♚Past Groups♚

This goes for all your past Clans/Tribes/Packs. It's totally fine if you can not remember them all.

♚Your Chat♚

This basically means if you have Safe Chat or Restricted Chat on Animal Jam.

♚Reasoning To Joining♚

This is your personal reason, not somebody else's.

♚Roleplay Example♚

Please make your roleplay example long and creative. If it's only a couple of sentences, you will be denied to join us and to re-create another roleplay example. It is required for whatever rank you wish to have that you create a battle example. And please, we only allow lettered borders around our roleplay, for example: VV, XX, UU, ZZZ, etc. For your roleplay example, if you have ':' or '.', then that will also have to be changed.

♚Extra Information♚

Here is where you can add anything extra about you or your OC. Like ways to contact you, or if you have an OC page