Current OC Name Smallkit
Past OC Name(s) None
Future OC Name(s) Smallpaw, Smallcloud
OC Gender Male
OC Breed British Shorthair X Maine Coon X Nebelung X Persian X Turkish Van
Clan TwistedClan
Current Rank Kit
Age 6 Moons, To Be Apprenticed
Orientation Neutral
Voice Deciding

The Cascading Waterfall Compelled You And Your Monumental Frame, Joyous To Hear The Sound Of Water. You Limp Forward, Peering Down From A Small Platform. The Strange Thing Was, The Booming Waterfall Was So Far Down, You Couldn't See The Bottom, The Lake That You Wanted To Drink From. You Do Notice, Though, That The Source Is Close. A River. If You Can Just Get To The Top Platform... You'd Have To Climb. The Ridges Would Help, But You Were Weak From The Lack Of Vital Resources.



Key: UL = Unknown Location, 

KL = Known Location, 

Side Of The Family: Father = C

Mother = I 

Both = Nothing Typed  

By Marriage = M

Mother: Ivyfrost ( Alive, KL, I )

Father: Cloudedstar ( Alive, KL, C ) 

Brother(s): None 

Sister(s): Minnowkit ( Alive, KL, ), Ebonykit ( Alive, KL ) 

Aunt(s): Brokenriot ( Alive, KL, M ) 

Uncle(s): Tornwhisper ( Alive, KL, C ), Rampage ( Deceased, KL, M )

Cousin(s): Some Coming Soon ):3

Grandmother(s): Okami ( Deceased, KL, M )

Grandfather(s): Ash ( Unknown, UL, M )

More Information Needed, WIP For Now!

Name Gender Role Trust
Cloudedstar Male/Tom Father 100%
Ivyfrost Female/She-cat Mother 100%
Minnowkit Female/She-cat Sister 99%
Littlekit Male/Tom Friend 99%
Ebonykit Female/She-cat Sister 98%
Burntash Male/Tom Rolemodel 97%
Stormcloud Female/She-cat Rolemodel 95%
Badgerpaw Male/Tom Friend 90%

Credit To: XxEpicMickeyxX: I Looked At One Of Her OC Pages For Coding Purposes, As Well For Some Ideas And Guidance, FallenAstralX: The Fabulous Banner He Was Able To Make For Me, SageClan: The Border Idea. I Was Interested In The Code, So I Looked And Used The Style!


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