Welcome To Jinxed Mortality..

"Don't Be Scared.. Don't Be Afraid.. We Are All Mad Here, We Are All The Same.. We Are Ruthless Creatures Waiting For A Fight. We Thought We Were Weak. We Stand Tall And United, Stronger Than Any Structure. With The Power Of All Of Us, We Can Defeat And Longers."~ Cain
You Walk Clueless Through The Forest, Wandering For Nothing In Particular, Just Wondering. "Hmmmm Hmm, Hmmhmmh.." You Rum Mindlessly, Happy Go Lucky, Wandering Around In Someone's Territory. You Became Tired, And Crept Over Oh So Carefully To A Shaded Den. You Curled Up Into A Small Ball, Resting Your Head In The Stacked Moss. The Cobweb And Dry Leaves Made It All Warm. You Finally Woke Up, Looking Around To See You Weren't In The Same Place As Before.