Art by finchwing/I own 0% of the credit


Name CøsmicVisiøn
Rank Medicine Cat
  • "I see the beauty in everything....Even You."
  • "I see everything, Even the evil inside you."
Clan N/A
Past Clan N/A
AJRPSW User XxdesertOrchidxX
Aj User Jammer66897/Thinking Of Changing
Theme Song Paradise - Coldplay
Status Blind/Strong Connection with StarClan
Belief StarClan, Doesn't know of TDF
Personality Kind, Sweet
Crush/Mate Nope/Not Allowed

 Insert/Remove Numbered ListFRIENDS

Nun, Lonely :(


^|^ Eyes ^|^

A glistening blueish-purple color as shown above 


A creamish white with pale almost brown siamese like markings.


One right on her shoulder,muzzle, and lip.

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