❞Taken The Affect That Only Phantoms Stutter.. We Are Living Monsters, Crimsoned Creatures. Face The Evil Your Holding. Come Here Lad.. Let Me Show You The Real You.❞

The Cold; Crisp Daunting Night Clouded The Sky; As The Cat Squirmed Among The Table. The Scientists Surrounded The Cat, As They Held Up A Needle Full Of Purple Ink. The Cat's Unnatural, Lavender Gaze Gleamed Upon Them. The Cat Was Known To Be One You Don't See Everyday - Neither Acting Like A Rouge; Loner - Kittypet Or Clan Cat. The Scientists Inserted The Needle Into The Cat's Pelt, As The Cat Squirmed Among The Hands Of The Humans. The Scene Of His Family Leaving It Flashed In The Cat's Eyes. The Clouding Sky Was Turning Into Sunrise; As The Cat Awoke With A Purple Pelt, A Permanent One.

The Time Passed As The Cat Was Forced Into Battle With Dogs; By Humans Themselves. Scars Were Left Onto The Cat's Flesh; As The Only Thing The Cat Was Focused On Was Battle; Priority To Get Out Of This Mess.

That Cat Was Me.

Cloaked Have Had Enough Of This. One Night; When The Twolegs Were Sleeping Soundly, Cloaked Arose From His Cottoned Nest; As He Silently Manoeuvred Among The Tiled Floor. He Drifted Over To The Head Scientist's Room; Where It Was Still Awake. The Twoleg Muttered Something, That Cloaked Could Still Understand.

I Have Been Expecting You.

The Scientist Picked Cloaked Up By The Scruff; And Carried Him Towards A Large Fan Like Shape. It's Blades Were So Horrific; Sharp Pointed. Cloaked Gulped; But Then Managed To Twist His Body Sideways; As His Jaws Gaped Onto The Scientist's Nose. Cloaked's Fangs Sunk Deeper Into The Soft Bone; As He Heard A Crack. The Scientist Shrieked; And Dropped Cloaked On Back On The Ground, As The Human Tripped And Fell Into The Blades. Cloaked Covered His Eyes, As He Knew That Would've Been An Unpleasant Sight.

Cloaked Slowly Padded To The Exit Of The Cave, And He Turned Back And Muttered Something.

❞I Have Taken The Affect That Only True Phantoms Stutter.. Am I A Living Monster? I Am A Crimsoned Creature..? Yes. I Shall Face The Evil I'm Holding. Get It Together Me. This Is The True Cloaked.❞

Name Cloakedkit
Past Names Cloaked
Gender Tomcat
Breed Ragdoll X Siberian X Nebelung
Clan Soon To Be TwistedClan
Rank Kitten
Past Ranks Rouge
Orientation Darkening Neutrality
Theme Song
Roleplay Style Traditional With Light Vocabulary
Activity Alive, In-Acitve
Nicknames Smurf 2.0, Cheshire Cat
Cloaked; As You May Be Told By His Name - Is A Mysterious, Shady Being. You May Not Understand This Purple Dyed Cat As Much As You Would Understand A Badger - (Which I Hope You Never Do) His Personality Is Quite, Shy; Being Abandoned By His Own Family In The Past; And Taken Away By Twolegs - Getting Dyed Purple Hence His Former Ashen Grey Coat. He Doesn't Have The Best Of Attitude; Due To The Fact He Was Treated To Be Ready For Battles; And Never Having The Best Of Temper And Patience.

Hence A Purple Dyed Coat; Cloaked Had A Pure Ashen Grey, Snow White Coat With Navy Specks. His Frame Is Long And Bulky. He Has A Scar That Runs From His Muzzle To His Chest, And One Nicking His Ear.

His Claws Are Straight And Pointed; Which Help Him To Climb. Cloaked's Gaze Is A Light Shade Of Unnatural Lavender Purple.

His Muscles Tend To Ripple More Along His Back; Which His Length Is Abnormally Long; And His Height. Cloaked Isn't The Most Handsome Cat You Would Meet; But He's Getting There.

Lotuspool XxEpicMickeyxX Crushing In-Active She-Cat 100%
Wiltedmind Serenitysoulmate Friend In-Active She-Cat 100%
Swimming Cloaked Shows A Strength Of Swimming - Enjoying The Water Lapping At His Pelt - Although It Doesn't Wash Away The Purple Colour Of His Coat Enjoyable 51%
Persuasive Cloaked Is Very Persuasive - Which Makes Him Mischievous When Slipping Out Of Trouble, Persuading The Other Cat He Didn't Do It Trouble 20%
Agility Cloaked Presents Speed And Agility - Being Able To Leap To High Places With Ease - One Reason Because Of His Long; Bulky Frame. Skillful 21%
Speed Cloaked Is Very Fast; Being Able To Run From Unwanted Attention - And Enjoys Himself At The Greatest. His Speed Takes Him To A Whole New Level - Where He Enjoys Races And Hunting. Very Enjoyable 52%
Confidence Cloaked Is Very Confident At Every Moment - Even During Punishing Chores; He Would Even Help The Elders At Any Moment. He Gained This From His Growing Confidence Ever Since His Own Family Left Him Towards The Lab. Trait 30%

☯️ • ☯️ • ☯️ • ☯️ • ☯️

This Place, Well - Wasn't Always Abandoned. It Became After The Tragic Death Of The Head Scientist Falling Into The ' Shredder. ' Why Would Cloaked Like This Place After The Horrific Past In The Lab?

This Is One Of Cloaked's Favourite Places Because The Humans Cared More About Him Than His Birth Family - Yes Yes, The Humans Did Force Him To Battle - But At Least They Took Care Of Him. This Isn't The Best Place In The World To Cloaked; Only Because Of The Head Scientist.

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